Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

RMA Series
Regulator Bracket Alarm Stations

RMA Series Alarm Stations are provided with the same features included in our RMW Model regulator wall mount brackets with the addition of an audible and visual alarm to alert the user of product depletion. The alarm assembly utilizes a built-in, easily adjustable pressure switch gauge, wall mountable annunciator,3-foot long interconnecting cable with quick connections and a120 VAC wall transformer. The RMA is available in single or dual-cylinder wall-mount configurations to provide versatility to meet most application requirements.

Note: Regulators are not included with RMA Series Alarm Stations.

Warning: Do not use this system with flammable gases or in oxygen service. We strongly recommend the use of an explosion proof switch (such as Models SG6541 or SG6549) and wiring system.
Alarm Station Single Cylinder

Part Number Key for RMA Series Bracket Alarm Stations
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 0–3000 psig

Valve (Dual Cyl. only):
   SG5460N and SG5480N Series

Inlet Connection:
   CGA Connection as Specified

Outlet Connection:
   CGA Connection as Specified, (suitable for direct
     mounting of a pressure regulator with inlet CGA)

Rigid Pigtail: 36" long, 0.25" OD tubing with 5" ID
   service loop, providing a 23" useable length

Flexible Hose (PTFE lined):
   36" long, 0.25" nominal ID, 0.375" nominal OD

Flexible Hose (all metal):
   30" long, 0.285" nominal ID, 0.445" nominal OD

Approximate Weight: 5 lbs.

Annunciator: Model SG6551A

Input Cable Length: 3'

Pressure Switch Gauge:
   Dial Size: 21/2" nominal

Pressure Range: 0­3000 psig

Adjustable Set-Point: between 60 psig and 2700 psig

Temperature Range: -22°F to 165°F

Accuracy: ±2% full scale

Connection:  1/4" NPT male bottom

Maximum Power Rating: 10 watts DC, 10 volts AC

Max. Switching Current: 0.5 amps AC/DC noninductive

Switch Function: Normally Open (by passing the
   switch pointer on decreasing pressure)

Materials of Construction
Block and CGA Fittings:
   Brass with Brass Assemblies
   Type 316 SS with Stn. Stl. Assemblies
Bracket: 12-Gauge Hot Rolled Steel
   with Powder Coat Epoxy Finish
   Rigid: Brass with brass assemblies,
     Type 316L SS with Stn.Stl. assemblies
Flexible Hose (PTFE-lined):
   Extruded PTFE inner core
    with Type 304 SS single overbraid
    and Type 316 SS end fittings
Flexible Hose (all metal):
   Type 316L SS inner core with Type 321 SS double
    overbraid and Type 316 SS end fittings
   Check Valves: EPDM with brass systems,
   Viton® with stainless steel systems
Valves: PCTFE
Pressure Switch Gauge:
   Brass Assemblies: Brass / bronze wetted parts,
     Type 304 SS case and ring, laminated safety
       glass lens
Stainless Steel Assemblies:
   Type 316 SS wetted parts,
   Type 304 SS case and ring, laminated safety
      glass lens
Annunciator: Model SG6551A