Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Models SG3882, SG3883
Ultra High Flow, Balanced Stem, Piston Regulators

This piston-type regulator is designed for use when very high flow rates are required. Typical uses include manifold or trailer applications. Model SG3882 is suitable for non-corrosive service, while Model SG3883 is designed for corrosive gases that are compatible with the materials of construction.
Warning: The Model SG3883 Regulator is not recommended for oxygen service.


Standard Features
  • High Flow Capacity allows flows in excess of 500 scfm of air at 3000 psig inlet.
  • Balanced Poppet (stem) minimizes effect of changes in inlet pressure on delivery pressure settings.
  • Pressure Relief Valve protects regulator components from the effects of overpressurization.
  • Stainless Steel Filter in Inlet traps foreign matter, extends regulator life and reduces maintenance.
  • Large Low-Torque Handle allows easy adjustment of delivery pressure.
Optional Features
  • Mounting Ring permits regulator to be panel mounted
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3750 psig

Inlet Pressure Gauge: 0–4000 psig

Delivery Pressure Range

Delivery Pressure Gauge

Relief Valve: Self-Reseating,1/4" NPT male outlet

Gauge Size: 21/2" Dial

Operating Temperature Range: 0°F to 165°F

Flow Coefficient: Cv = 1.7

Inlet and Outlet Connections: 1/2" NPT female

Supply Pressure Effect: 1.0 psi per 100 psi

Approximate Weight: 7 lbs

Materials of Construction
   SG3882: Brass Bar Stock
   SG3883: Type 303 SS Bar Stock
   SG3882: Brass
   SG3883: 300 Series Stn. Stl.
   SG3882: Brass
   SG3883: Type 316 Stn. Stl
Other Metal Parts Exposed to Gas:
   SG3882: Brass and Stn. Stl
   SG3883: 300 Series Stn. Stl
Seats: PTFE
Seals: Viton® and PCTFE
Filter: Type 316 Stn. Stl

Table I

Part Number   Delivery
Pressure (psig)
Brass. Stainless Steel   Range Gauge
SG3882-350 SG3883-350   20–350 0–400
SG3882-500 SG3883-500   40–500 0–600

Optional Equipment

Equipment Part No.
Panel Mounting Ring PM3804