Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Model SG9090
Portable Cylinder, Preset Flow, Piston Regulators

The Model SG9090 regulator is a compact, lightweight regulator recommended for use with non-corrosive standard calibration gases filled in portable transportable cylinders having a maximum service pressure of 1000 psig. These single-stage regulators are designed to provide nominal (air equivalent) flow rates of 0.3, 0.5, 1, 1.5 or 2.5 slpm with a preset outlet pressure setting of 60 psig.


Standard Features
  • Outlet Orifice and Preset Delivery Pressure provide a nominal preset gas flow rate.
  • Pressure Gauge monitors cylinder pressure.
  • Push Button On/Off Outlet Valve permits a quick and safe shutoff of gas flow.
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 1000 psig

Inlet Pressure Gauge: 0­1200 psig

Nominal Preset Flowrate

Nominal Preset Delivery Pressure: 60 psig

Gauge Size: 11/2" Dial

Operating Temperature Range: -5°F to 140°F

Inlet Connection: C-10 male (5/8" – 18 UNF)

Outlet Connection: 3/16" Hose Barb

Approximate Weight: 1 lb.

Materials of Construction
Body: Nickel-Plated Brass
Gauge: Phosphor Bronze
Piston: Brass
Seat: PTFE
Seals: Viton®

Table I

Part No. Nomial
Flowrate (slpm)
SG9090-03 0.3
SG9090-05 0.5
SG9090-10 1.0
SG9090-15 1.5
SG9090-25 2.5