Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

AG9200, AG9210 Series
Low Internal Volume, Miniature Two-Stage Regulators

AG9210 RegulatorTwo-stage regulators are ideal for applications where constant delivery pressure is essential and periodic manual adjustment to delivery pressure settings cannot be made. The AG9200 and AG9210 Series regulators are commonly used with gases supplied in high pressure compressed gas cylinders and lecture bottles, where inlet pressure declines as product is used

These metal diaphragm, miniature size high purity regulators feature a scant internal volume of just 8.0 cubic centimeters, which makes them ideal for use in portable calibration and analyzer applications. The low internal volume and special cleaning process provides for ease of purging with minimal gas usage and reduced contamination potential.

The AG9200 Series is suitable for non-corrosive service, while the AG9210 Series is designed for mildly corrosive gases, ideal for: EPA Protocol standards, low level VOC analyses, and High Purity applications.

Standard Features
  • Low Internal Volume of only 8.0 cubic centimeters allows rapid purging in analytical instrumentation applications.
  • Metal Diaphragms minimize diffusion of air into regulator and eliminates "off gassing" associated with elastomeric diaphragms, thus maintaining gas purity.
  • High Purity Regulator Design permits vacuum purging of regulator.
  • Special Cleaning Process eliminates organic film and any surface adhering particles to ensure a stable base line in low level VOC analyses and High Purity applications.
  • Light weight and compact design provides for ease of transportation with small cylinders.
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3000 psig

Inlet Pressure Gauge (dual scale):
  0–3000 psig / 0–207 bar

Delivery Pressure Range

Delivery Pressure Gauge

Gauge Size: 11/2" Dial

Operating Temp. Range: -40°F to 140°F

Flow Coefficient: Cv = 0.06

Inlet Connection:
   AG9200: CGA 110, 170, 180, 320, 326, 346, 350,
     510, 580, 590 or 660 as ordered.
  AG9210: CGA 110, 180, 320, 326, 330, 346, 350,
     510, 580, 590, 660 or 705 as ordered.

Outlet Connection: 1/4" NPT female

Dimensions (approx.) Body only: 15/8" x 51/2"

Approximate Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Materials of Construction
   AG9200: Brass Bar Stock
   AG9210: Type 316 SS Bar Stock
   AG9200: Brass
   AG9210: Type 316 SS
Bonnets: Anodized Black Aluminum
Other Metal Parts Exposed to Gas:
   AG9200: Brass and Stn. Stl
   AG9210: Type 316 Stn. Stl.
Seats: PCTFE
   First Stage: Type 316 Stn. Stl.
   Second Stage: Elgiloy®
Seals: PTFE

Table I

Part Number   Delivery Pressure
      Range Gauge (dual scale)
Brass Stainless Steel   (psig) (psig) (bar)
AG9200-(CGA) AG9210-(CGA)   5–30 0–60 0–4
AG9201-(CGA) AG9211-(CGA)   5–75 0–100 0–7
AG9202-(CGA) AG9212-(CGA)   10–150 0–200 0–14
Where "(CGA)" is indicated above, insert appropriate Compressed Gas Association connection number to complete the part number. Example: AG9200-580. Order by complete part number.

Optional Equipment

Equipment Part No.
Compression Fittings* (male connectors)  
1/4" NPT male x 1/8" compression for AG9200 Series SG6703
1/4" NPT male x 1/4" compression for AG9200 Series SG6704
1/4" NPT male x 1/8" compression for AG9210 Series SG6713
1/4" NPT male x 1/4" compression for AG2110 Series SG6714
Check Valves*
* If selected, these items are not installed on the regulator. They are shipped as separate items.