Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Models SG9011, SG9012, SG9014

Nitrous Oxide & Carbon Dioxide,
Regulator for Specific Applicatins Model SG9014 Ambient Vaporizing Regulators

Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Dioxide frequently cause ordinary regulators to freeze up. Models SG9011, SG9012 and SG9014 are designed to handle the gas phase withdrawal of these gases from non-siphoned tube cylinders at flow rates up to 100 scfh at 70°F without freeze-up and without the need for electrical connections.
These regulators are not manufactured to meet FDA standards and should not be used for medical gases. Regulators for medical gases AG3660 Series.

Regulator for Specific Application SG9012 RegulatorStandard Features
  • Filter in Seat Assembly traps foreign matter, extends regulator life and reduces maintenance.
  • Unique Regulator Design operates at flow rates up to 100 scfh at 70°F without freeze-up.
  • Pressure Relief Valve protects regulator components from the effects of overpressurization.



Maximum Inlet Pressure: 1500 psig

Inlet Pressure Gauge: 0-1500 psig

Maximum Flow Rate: 100 scfh

Delivery Range

Delivery Gauge/Flowmeter

Gauge Size: 2" Dial

Inlet Connection:
  CGA 326 for Nitrous Oxide
  CGA 320 for Carbon Dioxide

Outlet Connection: 1/4" NPT female

Relief Valve: Self-Reseating 200 psig

Approximate Weight: 3 lbs

Materials of Construction
Body and Bonnet: Aluminum
Gauges: Chrome-Plated Brass
Seat: Polyurethane
Seals and Diaphragm: Neoprene
Filter: Sintered Bronze
Flowmeter (Model SG9012):
  Chrome-plated Brass with Lexan plastic tube and shield

Optional Equipment

Equipment Part No.
PTFE Washers for CGA 320 (package of 25)SG6076

Table I

Part No. Configuration Delivery
Gauge or
SG9011-(CGA) Regulator with flow gauge* 10–100 scfh 0–100 scfh
SG9012-(CGA) Regulator with flowmeter 30–100 scfh 30–100 scfh
SG9014-(CGA) Regulator with pressure gauge 10–150 psig 0–200 psig
* Note: A Regulator equipped with a flow gauge is not accurate when a backpressure in excess of 2 psig
exists at the outlet. In applications where backpressure in excess of 2 psig can be expected, a regulator with a flowmeter should be used.