Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Line Regulator SG4820 Series
SG4820 Series

High Precision, Low Flow, Instrument Regulators

The SG4820 Series regulators are designed primarily for use in analytical instrument applications and are suitable for line or panel mounting. These high precision, direct acting, non-relieving regulators provide bubble-tight shutoff with helium at 100 psig.





Standard Features
  • High Resolution Design (0–15 Turns Over Full Delivery Pressure Range) provides precise pressure control necessary for use with analytical instruments.
  • Filter Screens in Ports trap foreign matter, extend regulator life and reduce maintenance.
  • Mounting Nuts permit regulator to be panel mounted.
Optional Features
  • 2 Micron, Type 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminum Alloy Inlet Filter provides additional protection from particulates for regulator and downstream system.
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 250 psig

Delivery Pressure Range

Maximum Operating Temperature: 140°F

Maximum Flow Capacity: 1,000 sccm air

Inlet, Outlet and Gauge Ports: 1⁄8" NPT female

Supply Pressure Effect: 0.07 psi per 10 psi

Approximate Weight: 0.5 lb

Materials of Construction
Bonnet: Aluminum
Valve Stem and Valve Spring:  
  Type 316 Stainless Steel
Seat: PTFE
Diaphragm and Seals:
  SG4820: Buna-N,
  SG4821: Viton®
Adjusting Spring: Zinc-Plated Music Wire

Optional Equipment

Equipment Part No.
Inlet Filter, 2 micron, for Model SG4820FM4741
Inlet Filter, 2 micron, for Model SG4821FM4746

Table I

Delivery Pressure
Range (psig)
Model SG4820
(Aluminum Body)
Model SG4821
(Type 316 SS Body)
0–0.5 SG4820-1 SG4821-1
0–10 SG4820-10 SG4821-10
0–30 SG4820-30 SG4821-30
0–60 SG4820-60 SG4821-60
0–100 SG4820-100 SG4821-100
0–200 SG4820-200 SG4821-200