Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Line Regulator DL Series
DL Series

Pilot-Dome Loaded, Ultra High Flow Regulators

The DL Series regulator is designed for direct installation to cryogenic vaporizer systems to provide ultra high downstream flows while maintaining constant delivery pressure. This unique unibody design with integral porting eliminates the need for the pilot regulator thus eliminating numerous connections. The DL Series regulator is supplied entirely installed on a stainless steel panel providing for convenient, wall-mounted installation.

An ideal application area is laser delivery either from cryogenic or high pressure supply. Here, the low pressure drop at high flow rates maximize throughput in a laser cutting or welding application. The flow vs. pressure drop performance characteristic of the DL Series as compared to competitive brands can be viewed by the curve below.

DL Series Regulators Competitive SystemsStandard Features
  • High Flow Capacity allows flows in excess of 12,000 scfh of nitrogen at 400 psig inlet.
  • Balanced Poppet (stem) minimizes effect of changes in inlet pressure on delivery pressure settings.
  • Filter in Inlet traps foreign matter, extends regulator life and reduces maintenance.
  • Extra Inlet Port allows connection to a purge regulator, pressure switch, purge valve or inlet pressure gauge.
  • Overall Compact Design allows for easy installation in areas where space is a premium.
Optional Features
  • High Pressure Version accepts inlet pressures up to 3000 psig allowing it to be used on high pressure cylinders.




Maximum Inlet Pressure

Delivery Pressure Range

Delivery Pressure Gauge

Filter: 40 micron

Gauge Size: 2" Dial

Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to 140°F

Flow Coefficient: Cv = 1.0

Inlet and Outlet Connections:  1⁄2" NPT female

Approximate Weight: 8 lbs

Dimensions (with bracket): 10.8" x 5.5"

Assist-Shield Gas Equipment for Industrial Lasers

Materials of Construction
Body and Bonnets: Brass Bar Stock
Gauge: Brass Internals with Drawn Steel Case
Other Metal Parts Exposed to Gas:
   Type 316 Stainless Steel
Seats: PCTFE
Sensing Element:
   Pilot Regulator: Type 316 Stainless Steel Diaphragm
Dome Regulator: Type 316 Stainless Steel Piston
Seals: Viton®
Wall Bracket: Stainless Steel

Table I

  Inlet Pressure (psig)   Delivery Pressure
Part No. Maximum   Range Gauge
DLB-0-500 1000   100–500 0–1000
DLBH-0-500 3000   100–500 0–1000