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SG3890 Series
Tee & Cross Purge Assemblies

Purging, meaning to cleanse, is an important procedure which is often overlooked inmany gas processes. Before initial and subsequent system startups, purging should be done to remove contaminants (such as air and water vapor) from the gas delivery system. To enhance operator safety, purging should also be done before changing out cylinders to remove residual corrosive or toxic gases.

Oxygen and moisture can adversely affect many applications, reducing the quality of products being produced, or affecting the results of tests being performed. In addition,many gases such as Hydrogen Chloride or Chlorine will react with moisture to form highly corrosive acids. These acids will attack most metals, including stainless steel, there by reducing the service life of pressure regulators and other system components. Proper purging techniques can avoid these and other related problems.

Purging is often done by simply flowing the service gas through the system and venting until the system has been cleansed. However, when the service gas is toxic, corrosive orotherwise hazardous, purging by this method is not practical. In these cases, purging is normally accomplished using an inert purge gas such as dry Nitrogen.

Purge assemblies provide a means to introduce the purge gas into the system after the service gas cylinder has been connected. Advanced offers purge assemblies in two basic configurations, tee type and cross type.    Gas Data & Recommendations



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