Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Type AW-300 Molecular Sieve

NaZ[(AlO2)X(SiO2)Y] · 24H2O--Molecular Sieve Type AW-300 is a crystalline metal alumino-silicate available in pellet form. These acid-resistant zeolites were developed by UOP to dry and purify process streams containing strong acid contaminates such as hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide and the oxides of nitrogen. Their adsorption properties are typical of those found in other UOP Molecular Sieve products.

Typical Physical Properties

  1/16" Pellets 1/8" Pellets
Nominal Pore Diameter (angstroms) 4 4
Heat of Adsorption (Btu/lb H2O) 1450 1450

Part No. Quantity Form
MS-1042 1 lb. 1/16" Pellets
MS-1043 1 lb.–Case of 6  
MS-1044 5 lb.  
MS-1045 5 lb.–Case of 4  
MS-1046 25 lb.  
MS-1048 50 lb.  
MS-1056 1 lb. 1/8" Pellets
MS-1057 1 lb.–Case of 6  
MS-1058 5 lb.  
MS-1059 5 lb.–Case of 4  
MS-1060 25 lb.  
MS-1062 50 lb.  
  Safety and Handling
See the UOP brochure entitled "Molecular Sieve Safety Bulletin for Manufacturers", or contact your ASGE representative.

For More Information
For additional information, see MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET (MSDS) for this material listed or contact your ASGE representative.